Besides the anime cartoon and manga comic series, we have also produced 3 video games for Black Lion and Cubs. Like the anime and manga, the video games sport retro-styled play, music and graphics reminiscent of the original Nintendo games of the 1980’s.

The games compliment the storylines and themes of the cartoon series.


We’ve produced 2 seasons for Black Lion and Cubs. Each season is animated by a different art team in a wonderful retro style. Both seasons are fully narrated and follow a totally different storyline.

In Valley of the Kings, Black Lion and Cubs trek across the desert sands of ancient Egypt; through the Valley of the Kings on a mission to find the missing Queen of Nubia, Isis.


In The Sands of Time, Black Lion and Cubs must teleport to remote locations around the known universe in a race against time to collect rare ingredients for an elixir to save the life of Upper Pharaoh King Ramses.


Both seasons can be watched in full HERE


In addition to the anime cartoon, we have also produced 2 graphic novels and a motion manga (comic) series. Like the anime, the BLC motion manga series are fully narrated and follow the exact same 2 storylines. However, the voice actor, music and artwork are totally different.

*The graphic novels are coming this summer.


Black Lion & Cubs is a family friendly, multi-media brand of retro anime 
art and culture. It has been compared to a mix between: Dragonball Z, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Mad Max.

The story takes place in a dystopian, apocalyptic future where a retired Nubian warlord teaches his 2 young sons how to navigate the new world. Along the way, they learn valuable life lessons, meet interesting new characters and battle sinister enemies, as they attempt to settle an ongoing feud between 2 neighboring Egyptian pharaohs and a queen who is caught in the middle.

Visionary creator, writer and director, Hotep is a self-proclaimed "Retro King". He has therefore, produced the entire BLC brand as a throwback to 80's pop culture.

On July 17, 2023 we hosted a history-making launch party to introduce our first: cartoon, videogame, album and comic all on the same day.

Since then, we have developed an amazing line-up of creative brand assets.

You can view some of these ground-breaking properties HEREthe rest are available upon request.

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